Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jogging is Healthy

For some people who yearn to live healthy but cheap jogging is the right choice to be an option. In addition can be done every morning, not a few others are doing in the afternoon. Habit of jogging in the morning can be healthy for the heart and refreshes the body. Body will feel fresh and relaxed mind. Therefore, jogging is an alternative that is right for some communities in the city especially for those who live in villages would be very useful anymore.
To get used to jogging to the family members might be able to be conducted every day of week or any other holiday where most people do jogging hobby. The place that became the goal of joggers reply to jakarta area usually Monas or tossing of Bung Karno, the place was overgrown with large trees nearby that give the refreshing air.


Blood donation

blood donation
Blood donation is an activity that takes preparation, especially nutrients that can reduce the discomfort that arose thereafter. For that know what needs to be done before blood donation.

Blood donation is a noble activity that could save a lot of people due to lack of blood. But not everyone can do it, because there are several requirements that must be met before making a blood donation.

There are different types of blood including blood donors as a whole but can also just taken his blood platelets or plasma, depending of what the patient needs. Generally, separation of the parts of blood was carried out by officers.

For that there are some steps recommended before making a blood donation, as quoted from the LIVESTRONG, Wednesday (06/15/2011), namely:

Friday, May 13, 2011

Exercise for Babies

exercise for babies
STILL sporting a baby already? Yes! Babies also need to actively Like adults. The benefits of physical and brain development babies, you know!

Starting at age one month

"Every human being is healthy, infants to senior citizens began to take physical activity, without which the joints can become stiff and even muscle to shrink," said Dr. Michael Triangto, SpKO who practiced at Slim + Health Sports Therapy.

Exercise can be started from infants aged over one month in which the age of less than one month, the baby's condition is very fragile and susceptible to disease because their immune systems are still low. In addition, the baby must be healthy.