Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wants to get twins ???


Many couples want to have twins because it will be fun for the parents. Having twins can be a joy and a challenge. Imagine how to get the twins is not an exact science, but there are some things you can do to increase your chances of having twins are cute.

Below are several ways or methods to increase your chances of getting twins or how to increase chances to having twins :

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Beautiful With Yoghurt

Health News - According to several studies have shown, cleaning the skin with yoghurt is better than a shower with soap or shower gel because yogurt does not throw a natural moisturizer in skin surface. Because yogurt is more potent than soap or shower gel, because the yoghurt will not throw a natural moisturizer in skin surface. While the soap will make your skin dry.

Yogurt is milk that is made through bacterial fermentation which studies show is more easily digested by the intestine, especially by people allergic to lactose (a substance contained in normal milk). And it turns out the yoghurt is not only good for health, but also for beauty.

History Of Cheese

Health News - Cheese comes from the old English word that is case and chiese, or from the Latin caseus. The same words in German for the cheese is Kase, whereas in France and Spain and Italy fromage named this product as Queso and formaggio.Dalam Spanish called queijo is a solid food made from milk.

Milk used is usually cow's milk. Besides, camel's milk, goat, sheep, horse, or buffalo are used in several types of local cheese.
Cheese is formed from milk by removing the water content using a combination of rennet and acidification. Bacteria are also used in the acidification of milk to add texture and flavor to the cheese. Manufacture of certain cheeses is also using yeast.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Escherichia Coli

Escherichia Coli
Health News - Escherichia coli, or commonly abbreviated as E Coli, is one of the main species of gram-negative bacteria. In general, bacteria that were discovered by Theodor Escherich can be found in the human colon. Most Escherichia Coli are harmless, but some, such as E Coli type O157: H7 can cause serious food poisoning in humans.

Escherichia Coli are harmless can benefit humans by producing vitamin K2, or by preventing other bacteria in the gut.E coli is widely used in genetic engineering technology. Usually used as vectors to insert specific genes are desired to be developed. Escherichia Coli was chosen because it grows very fast and easy handling. Countries in Europe are now very wary of the spread of the bacteria E coli , they even forbid import of vegetables from outside Europe

Get the benefits of cold showers

Cold water

Health News - Cold water is good for our body.

Hot shower or warm water feels really nice and comfortable. Imagine if you went home after a day of activities, riding public transportation to shoulder with others, and bath with hot shower feels will make all the tiredness disappear instantly.

However, not only the comfort obtained after a hot shower, but also a sense of regret. Therefore, the hot water turned out to make dry skin and wrinkles easily. Therefore, the hot water to break down the natural oils found on the skin. On the other hand, a cold shower or cold water turned out to provide many benefits. Here are four of them:

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Enterobacter sakazakii

Enterobacter sakazakii can cause meningitis and inflammation of the intestines in infants. The group has the highest risk infants infected with Enterobacter sakazakii neonates (newborn to age 28 days), infants with disorders of the body systems, infants with low birth weight (LBW), preemies, and infants born to mothers who suffered from Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

Do not Cover Body Odor with perfume!

Body Odor
Health News - Body odor, when the weather is hot, one of the problems faced by most people is the smell of body odor. Some people sometimes do not realize that their bodies release the aroma.

Body odor or bromhidrosis (also called bromidrosis, osmidrosis and ozochrotia) is the smell of bacteria in the body. The bacteria increase in numbers rapidly due to the presence of sweat, but sweat itself is odorless.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Privilege Of Dragon Fruit

Dragon bake-apple (Indonisan bodies say's Buah Naga) may still be heard in the aerial of accustomed people, because in 2001 the bake-apple is alone in Israel, Australia, Thailand and Vietnam. Dragon fruit, although the bulb is now calmly found, but not abounding bodies who accept in abyss the backdrop of hidden dragon fruit.

The dragon bake-apple is now acceptable accessible in bake-apple shops, supermarkets and a cardinal of plantations additionally abound the crop because it is accessible and the approaching affairs brighter than any added fruit.

Mint Leaves for Health

Mint Leaves (Mentha cordifolia) ambrosial ambrosial and air-conditioned auspicious flavor. Ambrosial balm of excellent capital oils acquired an oil agreeable of menthol. These leaves contains of vitamin C, provitamin A, phosphorus, iron, calcium and potassium

Mint as we know, not alone has a acreage to activate breath. Apparently added than that, excellent leaves additionally accept abounding uses and are able to affected some bloom account problems, afterward some of them:

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Let’s Bike Health

First cycling is alone acclimated for transportation. Now the bike is additionally acclimated for exercise. In fact, avant-garde aristocratic alpha cycling to ability the abode every day. This is due in accession to extenuative the amount of affairs fuel, cycling additionally be a band-aid to ecology abuse from agent fumes.

Cycling, including a action that requires skill. Because of best bodies who can already ride a bike bloom already will be so.

Anti crumbling with 10 foods

Anti crumbling with foods you eat as ammunition in your vehicle. If your agent is consistently abounding with appropriate fuels, the agent will be added able and abiding . Same as able-bodied as what you eat will additionally affect an astronomic on your body's performance. If you apprehension your food, again it is convalescent than your age will get longer. Again you absorb a lot of money for adolescence (anti aging) that her affirmation can apathetic aging. Hmmm ... I accept commodity that is accustomed (food we eat) would be abundant better, because it is candy and generated from aural the anatomy itself.

Here are some foods that can accomplish break adolescent (anti aging) :

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kiwi Fruit For Healthy and Beautiful

kiwi fruit
Fruit from New Zealand has abundant allowances for the body. Kiwi bake-apple tastes acerb is affluent in minerals and vitamins. Independent an astronomic bulk of nutrients and acceptable for anatomy and beauty.

Kiwi bake-apple is disconnected into 2 types, namely blooming kiwi bake-apple and gold kiwi fruit. Exact name, kiwi blooming with ablaze blooming beef and gold kiwi has a beef with the yellow. This bake-apple has a admirable architecture on the inside, baby seeds in the bake-apple beef in the beef to accomplish this attending pretty. No wonder, back slices of kiwi bake-apple beef is generally acclimated as a adornment acerb or drink.

Besides the admirable shapes. You feel active by tasting this bake-apple . Sweet and acerb aftertaste from his own baptize agreeable makes it popular. Moreover, his own comestible agreeable that will be benign to bloom and additionally for beauty. What is independent in the kiwi?

Here are some of the allowances of kiwi bake-apple to bloom based on commodity bloom account :

• It has vitamin C is actual large

Kiwi contains 100 mg of vitamin C in 100 grams of weight. While orange is a vitamin C agreeable of 54 mg per 100 grams. This agency that vitamin C in a kiwi with 2 orange.

• Antioxidant Rich

Content of polyphenols, carotenoids and enzymes accomplish up the antioxidants will advice action chargeless radicals in the body. As a aftereffect the anatomy is advantageous and can assure from abounding diseases.

• Contains lutein and beta carotene

The allowances of lutein and beta carotene (vitamin A) is to advance eye health. So by arresting kiwi, beheld action can be able-bodied maintained.

• Contains potassium

Potassium works advance affection health. Kiwi can additionally advice abate the accident of claret clots that can account cardiovascular disease. Controlling cholesterol and claret amoroso levels.

• Eliminate Problem Digestion

Kiwi advice for those who accept digestive problems. Irregular bowel movements or flatulence can be affected by arresting regularly.

In accession to bloom news, agreeable endemic in a kiwi advantageous for adorableness amid others:

• Can be acclimated as a affectation that will accomplish the bark added adaptable and fresh.

• Arresting kiwi can be a animated skin, abate wrinkles on the face, and aphotic circles in the eye that can affect the appearance.

• Antioxidant agreeable additionally makes the bark attending youthful.

• Kiwi bake-apple seeds to aftermath omega-3 oil frequently acclimated in cosmetics.

• Only contains some calories, so the bake-apple is calmly captivated by those who are dieting.

With so abounding allowances of kiwi fruit, of advance you can alpha authoritative your accomplished menu.


Tips Lose Weight Fast and Healthy

lose weight
How to lose weight fast and advantageous with able diet can do if your admiration to lose weight is to be able your determination. Because alteration your bistro habits for the continued appellation is the alone way to lose weight. There are abounding affidavit to lose weight or diet but you may accept its own priorities. Maybe for your health, or to accomplish it attending added adorable appearance.

Here are tips from commodity bloom account to lose weight fast and healthy:

• At breakfast accept a high-fiber diet accompanying with a alcohol of orange abstract can accomplish lose weight.

• If you alcohol tea, alcohol blooming tea every day can advice you bake about 70 calories added a day.

• If you like to alcohol milk, you should not baddest the abounding cream. Please burning of low fat milk beverage.

• Alcohol affluence of water. Abounding bodies cannot analyze amid ache and thirst. We anticipation that was athirst (though, absolutely thirsty), you will absorb the aliment (which absolutely does not charge to consume) and then, how to differentiate it? Alcohol a bottle of baptize and delay 10 account to acquisition out if you're still hungry. If yes, again you are hungry.

• Eat alone back athirst and abstain bistro to abhorrence and alter candy aerial in fat and glucose by arresting fruits.

• Eat boring way. Enjoy the aliment in every chew. This causes the abdomen will feel abounding added quickly, which in about-face would advice abolish appetence and eating. For those of you, who are unfamiliar, try this trick: put a beanery or angle back you're chewing, bubbler mineral baptize afterwards anniversary chew, and bite aliment a few times afore swallowing.

• Mealtimes are application a abate plate. You will feel abounding by bistro less.

• Limit carbohydrate. Foods aerial in protein such as fish, is the best banquet advantage to ascendancy anatomy weight. This is because protein makes you abounding longer. Better to accept for banquet is encouraged to absorb vegetables and fruits that are aerial in fiber, like Apples, Yam, Spinach.

• Exercise regularly

How to lose weight fast and advantageous from commodity bloom account by active a diet like this is not too difficult because it is not too attached or alienated assertive foods but aloof alter with a added advantageous diet by afterward the comestible rules above. Despite the almost continued time but if this is already a allotment of your lifestyle, again you accept a diet with a advantageous way and after the abundant lose weight will be bargain and can accomplish you abbreviate and break healthy.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tai Chi Exercise, like Kungfu Panda !!

tai chi exercise
Tai chi exercise or tai chi is accepted as one of the acceptable Chinese sports that accept consistently can be acclimated to advance concrete and brainy bloom and animation of a person's anatomy so it can survive in his life. Animation of the anatomy agency the body's adeptness to avert itself adjoin a array of challenges and distractions that appear from central and outside, including disease, attacks from enemies (martial arts) and disruption of the access of the surrounding environment.

Tai chi just highlights the element of tenderness, movements flow like water, supple, and soft as cotton. Tai chi exercise turned out to accommodate hidden power, alike able to access attrition to disease.

prevent migraine

prevent migraine
Did anytime you headaches? And do you apperceive account of headaches generally occurs during hot weather, abnormally in areas area our summertime comes, and of advance your risk of migraine is higher.And how to prevent migraine ?

Migraine is a accepted ache suffered by us. About 1 in 4 women accept accomplished migraines, while for men the arrangement 1 in 12 men accept accomplished it. And according to analysis from the European Federation of Neurological Societies, cephalalgia ache starts from adolescence to adolescent adulthood. . Some bodies accept common attacks - sometimes several weeks. Others accept fresh attacks now and then. In some people, stop cephalalgia attacks in after adulthood. However, in some cases the attacks abide throughout life.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Water For Weight Loss

article health news
I'm abiding you already apperceive about our anatomy contains of 80% water, the functions of baptize in the anatomy of which maintains the bloom of work, abetment in the assimilation and removes toxins. Moreover, you apperceive it appears abounding allowances bubbler water, as able-bodied as joy of freshness.

Many bodies did not apperceive baptize comestible amount besides to abate the appetite only. Baptize can cure assorted diseases with a bargain and accessible way for us, who do not appetite to decay money, it alleged baptize for weight accident or may like baptize therapy. Baptize analysis is a adjustment of analysis and healing with the use of baptize which is the best apparatus of in the animal body, baptize acclimated for advantageous and adorableness therapies.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Morning Walk Make Skin Fresh

morning walk
Do not underestimate morning walk, walk in the morning is a simple way to make the body stay healthy. Always walking in the morning is also good to refresh your skin and look more radiant. Freshness is obtained in the morning from the air and the environment will impact on the body in the activities of one day ahead.

Because of the morning walk is good for skin health, then the sport is suitable for people with skin problems like acne. With a walk in the morning then your skin will breathe oxygen that is free from pollution, and you can get moisturizer for the skin from morning fog.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Insomnia is difficulty falling asleep or difficulty staying asleep, or sleep disorder which makes sufferers have not had enough sleep when awakened.


Insomnia is not a disease, but it is a phenomenon which has various causes, such as emotional disorders, physical disorders and drug use.
Difficulty sleeping is common, both in young and elderly, and often occur in conjunction with emotional disorders like anxiety, restlessness, depression or fear.

Drinking Water to lose weight

Consumption Water
to lose weight cannot be with a short time, need to consume a lot of time. Because the fat in the body have long since used to stick to doing the wrong diet, the calories that enter the body more than the calories spent (in the form of sweat). Therefore, to eliminate the fat that is in our bodies needs diet, and be patient in order to get maximum results.

Sometimes you have to exercise and eat in moderation, but why still fat? Maybe you are not drinking water; water is an important factor for losing weight. With consumption water at least 8 glasses a day, and then we will automatically control the appetite. Water that enters the body over time will lead to satiety, so that we no longer tempted to eat a snack or a meal in a portion of a lot.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Tips Avoiding Acne with Simple Way

avoiding acne
Do you now get acne? Why acne can occur on our face? The answer is nobody knows exactly what causes acne. Some say acne is seldom occurring because the face is cleaned, hormonal changes, diet or stress. Acne is very easy to settle on the face especially for those of you who have oily face, like I actually have oily face, so often comes a pimple on my face, but I just know there are easy ways to avoiding acne, this time I will share with you, hope may be useful.

Acne occurs because the pores of the face there are things that clog, or more precisely the follicles under the skin clog up. In general, acne occurs on the body the face, neck, and back. And not only occur on the face is oily, acne can appear on the skin of anyone who is either a dry or oily, but it most commonly occurs on oily skin such as in adolescence and young adulthood. The disease is not dangerous, but it can cause scars. Of course you do not want to have my face with acne scars.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Red Algae

Rhodophyta is one of the algae on the basis of color pigmentation. One of them is Red algae, Red algae is one type of seaweed, its vary colors from red, dark purple and brown, the color comes from pigments of red algae fikoeritrin. Red algae have been exploited by Asian nations for centuries ago.

Firstly, red algae is a food ingredient. An old record states that the red algae is a food king.

In the chinesse medicine, consumed red algae can make our body feel healthy and energized. Red algae are also used as a tonic.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Benefits Of Coffee

benefits of coffee
Enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning and evening at leisure time will make feel so good for some people, especially the coffee lovers. Especially if accompanied by a snack . But, Do you know the benefits of coffee for health and beauty?

Firstly, the coffee is grown around the area of Batavia (Jakarta) by the Dutch in Indonesia. Coffee cultivation spread to several other areas such as East Java, Central Java, West Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi and so forth. Because Indonesia has a climate with its unique geographical location that is suitable for coffee plants.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Safe sports in the Fasting Month

Running fast is not an obstacle for us to do the activities, including sports. Despite fasting, the body still needs sports to stay healthy. Because, we can burn fats that accumulate in the body by exercise . Not only that, sports can also accelerate the process of forming our body especially in the fasting condition.

But sports should note that we will do, do not be too hard because it will make us increasingly limp body condition, especially during the day not eating and not drinking.
People who want to sports should know what for the purpose. If the purpose for good health, to live better, then doing sports adapt to the ability of the body. Similarly, the condition of the body of people who are fasting. Because not all good sports to do during fasting.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Danger excess weight

excess weight
Many are not realized any among us who are overweight, and they take it easy, if dangerous to be excess weight?, Know you are overweight have a risk of serious illness, like diabetes, high blood pressure and fat, these diseases in a long time to form a "character fat" walls of blood vessels or in the language of medicine is often called atherosclerosis.

What is arherosclerosis, the state of the blood vessels that are no longer on the brain healthy, so it will cause a stroke, the coronary blood vessels can cause heart attacks, when the retinal blood vessels can cause blindness or often called retinopathy, whereas if it occurs in renal blood, can lead to kidney trouble caused by nephropathy, and death of tissue in the legs and feet are often indications of diabetes leg and foot must be amputated, of course you will not want that experience because excess weight .

Friday, August 5, 2011

Brain shrink for less walking

brain shrink
According to research from a number researchers from the United States, that less walking may shrink the brain or more precisely if we are not running as far as 10 miles in one week can shrink the brain is often called dementia. Research conducted on 300 people in Pittsburgh, USA, who noted how far they walk each week's indicate, those who walked at least six miles or about 10 kilometers had fewer age-related brain shrink than those who less walking.

So Jogging is Healthy, at least try every morning to less walking for 30 minutes only, to avoid the disease of dementia or brain shrink, what is a dementia?,according to Kirk Erickson from the University Pittsburgh, USA, whose research appears in the journal Neurology "Depreciation is the size facts of the brain in late adulthood can lead to problems in memory. Our results should encourage drafted a good physical exercise for the elderly as a promising approach to preventing dementia and Alzheimer's disease ".

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tips avoid cigarette smoke for Passive Smoking

Tips avoid cigarette smoke for passive smoking
Cigarette smoke is a poison that can cause asthma smoking, coughing, cancerous lung disease and other serious problems. You do not smoke because you understand the dangers, but what if all around us there is a selfish smoking, and we were forced to breathe cigarette. What is a good thing about smoking? And it will be bad thing about passive smoking like us.

You must already know that what smoking does can cause various health problems from heart disease, asthma smoking, and lung to cancer; yes there is no good thing about smoking. Understand the negative effects of what is contained in cigarette smoke and consider ways to protect yourself as passive smoking and others that your loved ones from secondhand smoke.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Treatment tension headache

What is Tension Headache
Tension headache are the most common type of headaches among adults,so what is the Treatment tension headache , the treatment is like Drugs for pain relief as aspirin, acetaminophen or ibuprofen most commonly relieve disease like what is tension headache. When severe muscle contraction, it is necessary prescription drugs are more potent to overcome them. These medications may cause drowsiness and slow reflexes, caution must be taken to avoid injury or accident if using these medications. Most doctors recommend the use of prescription medications are used in the short term, usually no more than a few days.

Other techniques for Treatment tension headache to help heal this complaint are Hot or cold showers or baths. You may need to make lifestyle changes if you have chronic tension headaches. This may include changing your sleep habits (usually to get more sleep), increasing exercise, and stretching the neck and back muscles. In some situations, you may need to change your job or recreational habits. Of course, by completing the circumstances that cause stress and even cause headaches will always help in the healing process of tension headaches.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What is Tension Headache

what is tension headache
Did you ever experience headaches because of tension,What is Tension Headache? Tension Headache is a form of headache is the most common and often associated with too much mind or periods of increased stress, affecting up to 40% of people at some time in their lives.

These headaches are not caused by disease and are often considered to be "normal" headaches. The exact cause of what is tension headaches still unknown, but certain positions that cause contraction of the muscles of the head and neck (such as an incorrect position when talking on the phone, too long in front of the computer, holding a book while reading) is performed in conjunction with activities that require an increase in currency in a long time can cause tension headaches (I often run into tension headache if it's too long I was in front of the computer, the solution is every 1 hour I rest my eyes to see objects located in long areas, such as trees for 15 minutes, then back again in front of their activities computer).

Monday, August 1, 2011

Organic food is healthy

organic food is healthy
Unconsciously we have been consuming foods that contain chemicals, while the food is mixed with chemicals to the body over time will be considered toxic, in addition to toxins from food and drinks we consume are also toxins from environmental pollution. And maybe one of you asks if organic food is healthy, why is organic food healthy, why healthy food, why is organic food healthy?

From now on we must be smart to distinguish healthy food and bad food for our bodies, eating the wrong foods and drinks that can cause health problems in our bodies at a later date. Why organic food is healthy, I can answer because the organic foods our bodies will soak all the food and drink with healthy, unlike the food and drink non-organic, toxins / poisons in foods and drinks that accumulate in the body weakens the immune system and cause various modern diseases, among others: