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Wants to get twins ???


Many couples want to have twins because it will be fun for the parents. Having twins can be a joy and a challenge. Imagine how to get the twins is not an exact science, but there are some things you can do to increase your chances of having twins are cute.

Below are several ways or methods to increase your chances of getting twins or how to increase chances to having twins :

1. Family history
if in your family has a history of multiple births, chances are you'll also be able to twins by hereditary or genetic factors.

2. Obese or overweight
A study published in the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, suggests a close relationship between the propensity of twinning with the rising cases of obesity.
According to the study, women with a Body Mass Index (BMI) over 30, likely pregnant with having twins. But these statistics only apply to couples with a family history of multiple births.

3. Pregnant at older ages
the point is that older women would be more likely to having twins than younger women. This is estimated as a result of ovulation the faster-moving appropriate biological age more quickly. 17 percent of mothers over the age of 45 years have the opportunity pregnant with twins. Tungu five years then the chances would be 1 to 9. But nevertheless contains at old age will increase the risk including the risk of miscarriage and increased sugar levels during pregnancy. In addition to the baby will be more likely chromosomal abnormalities.

4. Consumption of tubers and milk
Not long ago a study conducted in the United States, proving that this type of tubers, like yams, potatoes and milk may increase ovulation in the egg so it opens the possibility of someone having twins.
One of the proof, ethnic Yoruba in West Africa whose population is mostly consumed tubers, known as the country with the world's tallest twin births. Believed that the tubers have a chemical that triggers hiperovulasi.
While past research in 2006 showed that women who consume more milk, tend to have most likely to conceive twins.

5. Go to Fertility Specialists
Reproductive technology is growing very rapidly which allows multiple births is higher. Certain drugs can stimulate ovulation, but a twins pregnancy can also be done by way of IVF system. This system not only grafted embryo in the mother but also heightens the amount of the baby later. None of the doctors who can provide certainty of success, but help provide possible solutions.

6. Often give birth
the more children you currently have the possibility of having twins pregnancy is also getting bigger. But no one can confirm the pregnancy to how to conceive having twins.

7. Pregnant while still nursing
many of them think, while breastfeeding, a woman cannot conceive. But the processes of maintaining lactation during nursing mothers still ovulate and menstruate.

8. Lucky
Not a few cases of multiple births that actually describes the general criteria above, and cannot know the cause. An identical twins (monozygotic twins) is the case, until now the cause is still mysterious. No one can predict when and how an egg cell will break itself into two fetuses.

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