Monday, August 1, 2011

Organic food is healthy

organic food is healthy
Unconsciously we have been consuming foods that contain chemicals, while the food is mixed with chemicals to the body over time will be considered toxic, in addition to toxins from food and drinks we consume are also toxins from environmental pollution. And maybe one of you asks if organic food is healthy, why is organic food healthy, why healthy food, why is organic food healthy?

From now on we must be smart to distinguish healthy food and bad food for our bodies, eating the wrong foods and drinks that can cause health problems in our bodies at a later date. Why organic food is healthy, I can answer because the organic foods our bodies will soak all the food and drink with healthy, unlike the food and drink non-organic, toxins / poisons in foods and drinks that accumulate in the body weakens the immune system and cause various modern diseases, among others:

• Cirrhosis (hardening of the liver) and hepatitis
• Allergies, asthma, sinus, bronchitis, etc..
• Kidney stones and kidney failure
• Colorectal cancer and bowel obstruction in
• Digestive problems: heartburn and weight problems (obesity and emaciation)
• Heart failure, hardening of the arteries, high cholesterol
• Stroke
• Tumors and cancers (breast, uterus)
• Diabetes
• Mumps, thyroid gland
• Lymph nodes
• Uric acid, joint pain
• Osteoporosis, premature aging, menopause
• Skin diseases, acne, wrinkles, etc.
• Prostate cancer, impotence
• And others

You definitely do not want it exposed to the above diseases and you already know why is organic food healthy, why healthy food , now how to resolve the issue, the answer is to start with Organic Food Lifestyle. How make Organic food is healthy lifestyle is by harmony with nature, drink clear water should Eight Glasses of Water a Day, enough sunshine and fresh air, exercise regularly, control your emotions, avoid cigarettes, alcohol and drugs, and regularly consume organic food-drinks.

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