Monday, August 15, 2011

Tips Avoiding Acne with Simple Way

avoiding acne
Do you now get acne? Why acne can occur on our face? The answer is nobody knows exactly what causes acne. Some say acne is seldom occurring because the face is cleaned, hormonal changes, diet or stress. Acne is very easy to settle on the face especially for those of you who have oily face, like I actually have oily face, so often comes a pimple on my face, but I just know there are easy ways to avoiding acne, this time I will share with you, hope may be useful.

Acne occurs because the pores of the face there are things that clog, or more precisely the follicles under the skin clog up. In general, acne occurs on the body the face, neck, and back. And not only occur on the face is oily, acne can appear on the skin of anyone who is either a dry or oily, but it most commonly occurs on oily skin such as in adolescence and young adulthood. The disease is not dangerous, but it can cause scars. Of course you do not want to have my face with acne scars.

There are many myths around us saying about what causes acne. Dirty skin, Egg, Chocolate and greasy foods are often blamed to be the cause of acne. Keep in mind here that the actual stress does not cause acne, but stress can actually aggravate the skin condition is under treatment of acne.

You must already know that acne can leave dark stains or even ex-sunken in the skin, but there are several ways to prevent the appearance of acne or tips avoiding acne:

1. Every morning and evening (and after sweating and oily), skin was washed with a gentle cleanser such as dish soap that contains foam, do not use soap to wash my face that contain scrub and scrub with soap pads or ones that are too hard. Because it can damage the facial pores.

2. If your hair is oily, try washing or shampooing your hair regularly.

3. If it is acne, not touched by hand or other object, because it's dirty.

4. If you leave the house, protect acne-affected skin from sunburn.