Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tips avoid cigarette smoke for Passive Smoking

Tips avoid cigarette smoke for passive smoking
Cigarette smoke is a poison that can cause asthma smoking, coughing, cancerous lung disease and other serious problems. You do not smoke because you understand the dangers, but what if all around us there is a selfish smoking, and we were forced to breathe cigarette. What is a good thing about smoking? And it will be bad thing about passive smoking like us.

You must already know that what smoking does can cause various health problems from heart disease, asthma smoking, and lung to cancer; yes there is no good thing about smoking. Understand the negative effects of what is contained in cigarette smoke and consider ways to protect yourself as passive smoking and others that your loved ones from secondhand smoke.

I actually like it when there are at least around us who smoke by not know myself, I feel the freedom to breathe fresh air in looted by active smokers, surely you feel do not smoke to feel what I feel. Either the smoke exhaled from smokers around us or the smoke that comes directly from the burnt tobacco products, both of cigarette smoke that can harm health. Cigarette smoke contains thousands of toxic chemicals, including benzene, carbon monoxide, Chromium, Cyanide, Formaldehyde, Lead, Nickel, and Polonium.

With so much content in it, there is no good thing about smoking or nothing is healthy for our bodies; dangerous particles contained in cigarette smoke can survive for long in the air for hours. Cigarette smoke for a short time can irritate the lungs and reduce the amount of oxygen in the blood. Repeated or prolonged exposure from cigarette smoke is very dangerous.
You can reduce or eliminate exposure to secondhand what smoking does in a simple way as quoted from Mayoclinic, among others:

1. Do not allow smoking in your home
If family members or guests want to smoke, although guests will be offended, but ask them to smoke outside the home. Because of the secondhand smoke in the house, the loss will be long for home even though you have no windows or air conditioning.

2. Do not allow smoking in your car
if anyone should smoke while traveling, and then stop at a rest (rest area) to smoke outside the car,for keep off from secondhand smoke.

3. If you have to go to public places, then choose the "No Smoking Area"
find place “No Smoking Area”, where no people do what smoking does.

4. Keep your distance with a smoker if forced to have one room in a public place
if you have to share space with people who are smoking, sit as far away from them, it’s not good for asthma smoking.

5. Offer support to stop smoking
if you have a spouse, family members and close relatives who smoke, then offer support and encouragement for them to stop smoking, to understand the feelings of passive smoking. If the spouse, family members and close relatives do not smoke, then at least every day we do not have to tolerate cigarette smoke.


  1. stop smoking is better for your health and other people health...