Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Beautiful With Yoghurt

Health News - According to several studies have shown, cleaning the skin with yoghurt is better than a shower with soap or shower gel because yogurt does not throw a natural moisturizer in skin surface. Because yogurt is more potent than soap or shower gel, because the yoghurt will not throw a natural moisturizer in skin surface. While the soap will make your skin dry.

Yogurt is milk that is made through bacterial fermentation which studies show is more easily digested by the intestine, especially by people allergic to lactose (a substance contained in normal milk). And it turns out the yoghurt is not only good for health, but also for beauty.

Yogurt contains various vitamins that are beneficial to health news. Inside are zinc, calcium, vitamin B1, B2, B 6, B 12, protein and yeast. All these elements can be something magic, because it contains an enzyme-enzyme important as a natural moisturizer for skin, face, and your hair. You do not have to worry yoghurt can cause oily skin. Even he can reduce the appearance of large pores, giving the skin texture becomes smoother, and looks healthy shine.

Here are some Article Health News for benefits of yogurt for your outer beauty:

One cup of yogurt can help remove blemishes acne scars, because the content of zinc in it. To get a smooth and glowing face, do a treatment with a mask of yogurt on a regular basis.

Yoghurt is also able to repair damaged hair. Mix the yogurt with the egg, evenly on hair, and massage to soak into the scalp.

Scrub yogurt is very beneficial to remove dead skin on the surface of the skin. Combine yoghurt on the water lukewarm bath and rub over the entire surface of the body. In addition to making the skin suppler, you can get a more radiant skin.

Hand and nail
Yogurt also provides benefits to the hands and nails. Mix 8 ounces of plain yogurt with lemon juice. Keep the mixture in the refrigerator for several hours, after that use to massage your hands and nails.

Easy right ? You can perform continuous maintenance and use of fresh yoghurt (plain yogurt) instead of flavored yogurt or yoghurt.

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