Sunday, August 7, 2011

Safe sports in the Fasting Month

Running fast is not an obstacle for us to do the activities, including sports. Despite fasting, the body still needs sports to stay healthy. Because, we can burn fats that accumulate in the body by exercise . Not only that, sports can also accelerate the process of forming our body especially in the fasting condition.

But sports should note that we will do, do not be too hard because it will make us increasingly limp body condition, especially during the day not eating and not drinking.
People who want to sports should know what for the purpose. If the purpose for good health, to live better, then doing sports adapt to the ability of the body. Similarly, the condition of the body of people who are fasting. Because not all good sports to do during fasting.

Tricks and types of sports:
1. Exercise 15-30 minutes every day.

2. Make sure you warm up first so that the muscle injury is not easy.

3. Take vitamin C supplements while fasting.

4. Inadequate protein and calcium in the fasting menu.

Certainly not as heavy sports portion when not fasting. we can still train some muscles of the body or simply. While, to strenuous sports should be done in the afternoon because after that we break the fast.
Some tips for safe sports in the fasting month:
Sports in the morning
1. Determine the sports purpose’s . If it is for health and fitness, should be done during the morning after dawn with light intensity, so it does not lead to dehydration and excessive fatigue during the day which has the potential to reduce the effectiveness of the work.
2. Sports in the morning with other family members not only ourselves healthy but also we invite others to lead more healthy habits and strengthen our family relationships. For example, a leisurely stroll with family, or ride together.
Sports in the afternoon
1. If our purpose is to maintain muscle strength and form that have been formed before or want to sport more weight should be done ahead of time for the afternoon break. Because, if the sport can cause excessive fluid loss will certainly be more easily fulfilled at the time of fasting.
2. Heavy intensity exercise typically must be tailored to the abilities and needs of each person so that the afternoon practice today are more individualistic.
sports afternoons are usually more individual, so it can be more severe. Afternoon sports such as gym. For people accustomed to the gym, fasting can make the muscles loose, then the sport in the evening can keep his muscles
The most important thing is safety during sports in the fasting month as many cases of people who force themselves to exercise but at the condition of the body is not ready, which can ultimately be dangerous.
It is suggested that people are always careful when start exercising, especially when the body 'feels' unwell'. "People who fast do often feel his body 'unwell'. So, do not be forced and should know the purposes. If the body is not healthy, it is safer to consult a doctor first to make sure everything is in good condition.


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