Saturday, April 9, 2011

Coffee Helps Healing Hepatitis C

coffeCoffee is known to have several benefits for the body. Now there is one more benefit of coffee that can help treat patients with advanced hepatitis C with chronic liver disease.

Based on the new study found patients who received peginterferon plus ribavirin treatment and consume 3 cups of coffee a day had 2 times higher likelihood to respond to treatment than patients who did not drink coffee.
"Coffee intake has been associated with liver enzyme levels are low, reducing the development of chronic liver disease and reduce the incidence of liver cancer," said Neal Freedman from the National Cancer Institute, as quoted by Indiavision, Friday .

The importance of Breakfast

breakfastDue to busy work, people began to lack of attention to breakfast. In fact there are many people who always go to work without breakfast. If you do not eat breakfast for the long term, can cause serious harm to the body. 

First of all, may make you fat. Many people think that if they do not eat breakfast, can help them lose weight. In fact, such ideas are not true. According to nutritional scientists, even if you do not eat breakfast, still not able to promote the consumption of fat, because once the body realizes the lack of nutrition, it will first consume carbohydrates and protein, but not fat. What's worse, if you do not eat breakfast, it will make you eat more at lunch, which will lead to difficulty in digestion and absorption. In such cases, excess fat will accumulate in the body and gradually make you fat.