Saturday, April 9, 2011

The importance of Breakfast

breakfastDue to busy work, people began to lack of attention to breakfast. In fact there are many people who always go to work without breakfast. If you do not eat breakfast for the long term, can cause serious harm to the body. 

First of all, may make you fat. Many people think that if they do not eat breakfast, can help them lose weight. In fact, such ideas are not true. According to nutritional scientists, even if you do not eat breakfast, still not able to promote the consumption of fat, because once the body realizes the lack of nutrition, it will first consume carbohydrates and protein, but not fat. What's worse, if you do not eat breakfast, it will make you eat more at lunch, which will lead to difficulty in digestion and absorption. In such cases, excess fat will accumulate in the body and gradually make you fat. 

Secondly, it will cause constipation. If you regularly eat three meals every day, the human body will naturally form a gastrocolic reflex, which is useful to detoxify the body. Conversely, if you always do not have breakfast, can cause interference gastrocolic reflex, and then cause constipation. If the body can not rid of toxins, excessive toxins will accumulate in the body, and then causing many symptoms such as acne. Third, it will make people easy to grow old.  

Breakfast plays an important role in providing energy and nutrients needed by human body during the day. If you skip breakfast, the human body should consume glycogen and protein stored in the body. As time passes, it will cause skin dryness, wrinkles and anemia, and accelerate human aging. If serious, it can even lead to malnutrition. Last but not least, may make people susceptible to chronic diseases. If you do not eat breakfast, hungry stomach will be in condition for a long time, which can easily lead to digestive illnesses such as gastritis and stomach ulcers. What's more, it can make blood platelets stick together easily, thus increasing the likelihood of heart disease. From what we have discussed above, we can see that breakfast is very important in our lives. As a result, health and longevity for you, please pay great attention to breakfast.


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