Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How to Survive the Hot Air

hot air
Jakarta, the summer with high temperatures as is usually the immune system will easily drop. High humidity due to hot weather resulted in difficulty in cooling the body weight.

Body temperature of heat makes the body can have reactions characterized by symptoms of fatigue, dizziness, headaches and even fainting.
So it is very important to protect the body from extreme heat due to extreme heat can harm the body to cause death.

Normal human body temperature ranges between 36.5 to 37 degrees Celsius, but until now could not be ascertained how much the hottest temperature that can be tolerated by the body. Because every human is different, too different body moisture as well as different types of temperatures.

There are several ways you can do when the air is too hot as reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cited by FoxNews, Thursday (06/09/2011):

1. Drink more fluids, although the body does not feel thirsty.
But if there are health problems such as certain diseases so that doctors limit your fluid intake, you should consult your doctor how much fluid is safe to eat.

2. Avoid very cold drinks when the air is too hot because it can cause stomach cramps when the body temperature is high.

3. Do not drink alcoholic beverages or contain lots of sugar because of alcohol and sweet drinks can make you lose more body fluid.

4. Limit your activities outside, and choose to do outdoor activities in the morning or late afternoon. Multiply refuge in the shade.

5. If you must go outdoors wear sunscreen, a wide hat, umbrella and sunglasses to reduce being washed in the hot sun.

6. Do not leave infants, children or pets in the car though for a short time because the heat can kill quickly.

7. Try to use thin clothes with bright colors so as not to create more body heat.

8. If your body is sweating too much, then the body needs to replace the salts and mineral substances that come out due to sweat. How can the drinking beverages that contain electrolytes.

9. Use air conditioning when the air is too hot also helps cool the body temperature.

People who are most vulnerable to death due to rising temperatures that are too extreme heat are the elderly, have no access to air conditioning, people who are obese and people who take certain drugs.

The initial reaction of the body against excessive heat is a heat rash and muscle cramps. If not addressed soon it will be more severe symptoms due to muscle not getting enough liquid electrolyte. One is the skin turn red and dry. Parts of the body that will be affected by extreme temperature increase is also the central nervous system and circulatory system.



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