Monday, March 7, 2011

Apples Skin

apples skin
Apple skin not only contains more fiber is good for digestion, but can also increase muscle mass and strength. These benefits are believed to be useful for parents who begin to experience atrophy or shrinkage of muscle mass.

A study at the University of Iowa shows, apple skin can increase muscle mass by 15 percent. Although the muscle bigger, overall weight has not increased because the apple skin is also burned 50 percent of bad fats in the body.

Dr. Christopher Adams, who led the research, said these benefits would be very useful for parents who have atrophy or shrinkage of muscle mass. Although greatly affect the quality of life, atrophy until now no cure.

Depreciation of muscle mass makes it not able to support the function of bone and skeletal body burden. In the elderly or people with sore joints, this condition greatly reduces the ability to move and can aggravate the condition of the joints.

"We've been observing the activity of genes in patients with atrophy and found certain compounds that can be overcome. One of them ursulat acid, such as those contained in the skin of apples," said Dr. Adams, as quoted by the Telegraph on Wednesday (08/06/2011).

Besides useful for patients with atrophy or other joint and muscle problems, apple skin also has other benefits. In the research of Dr. Adams, a variety of phytochemical compounds in apple skin can also reduce levels of sugar and bad cholesterol in the blood, so good for the heart.

Previous research also reveals that the apple as a whole is good for the heart. Eat an apple on a regular basis every day can reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack by 20 percent, and can lengthen the age to 10 percent.



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