Saturday, February 26, 2011

How to Deal With Diarrhea

So many people have experienced the pain caused by diarrhea. If people eat something unhealthy, diarrhea can be induced. Serious diarrhea can even cause dehydration. Dehydration can endanger the health of human body. In order to prevent the harm of dehydration, people should try their best to alleviate diarrhea.

First, people should maintain a healthy and insipid diet. People should frequently eat the foods containing rich pectin. The adequate supplementation of pectin can help people alleviate diarrhea. The foods like bananas and yogurt contain a large amount of pectin. In addition, people should also supplement potassium, calcium, vitamin D and sodium. Potassium and sodium can store enough water for the human body to prevent dehydration. Calcium and vitamin D can work together to transform watery stool into solid shit.

Second, people should take rest adequately. It is known to all that diarrhea can consume a lot of energy of people. If people do not take rest in time, they can feel tired. Adequate rest can enhance the physical strength and protect immune system for people. It can also help people accelerate the recovery from diarrhea.
Third, people should positively prevent dehydration. Many people think that dehydration can help people resist diarrhea rapidly. In fact, dehydration can seriously threaten the health of human body. When people are attacked by diarrhea, both water and nutrients inside the human body can be released through watery stool. When the nutrients like vitamins and mineral substances are released, the metabolism of human body can be disturbed to worsen the disease. Therefore, people should drink moderate water and eat fresh vegetables during diarrhea to supplement essential nutrients and alleviate dehydration.
Fourth, people should form a good and healthy lifestyle. The regular lifestyle can help people improve physical constitution and enhance the functions of digestive tract. A perfect digestive system can effectively resist the formation of diarrhea. In addition, people should always keep optimistic to improve the internal organs fundamentally.
People should strictly follow these four skills mentioned above to deal with diarrhea effectively. In addition, they should stop eating the foods which can worsen the disease. These foods include soy bean products, coffee and oily foods. Caffeine contained in coffee can seriously stimulate stomach and worsen the symptoms of diarrhea.
If people have been attacked by diarrhea for more than four days and the symptoms like weariness and bellyache can not be alleviated, people should go to hospital for medical treatment.
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