Monday, August 8, 2011

Benefits Of Coffee

benefits of coffee
Enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning and evening at leisure time will make feel so good for some people, especially the coffee lovers. Especially if accompanied by a snack . But, Do you know the benefits of coffee for health and beauty?

Firstly, the coffee is grown around the area of Batavia (Jakarta) by the Dutch in Indonesia. Coffee cultivation spread to several other areas such as East Java, Central Java, West Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi and so forth. Because Indonesia has a climate with its unique geographical location that is suitable for coffee plants.

So many benefits of coffee are good for health and beauty. A cup of coffee can increase morale and makes the eyes more fresh when we work or otherwise.

Here are some of the benefits of coffee can prevent our bodies from disease:

1. preventing neurological diseases
The content of antioxidants in coffee will prevent cell damage associated with Parkinson's. While caffeine can inhibit inflammation in the brain function.

2. protect the teeth
Caffeine content in coffee can prevent the risk of oral cancer, but it also has antibacterial and non-stick ability. So it can keep the teeth from bacteria that cause the hole that eats away enamel.

3. Preventing osteoporosis (bone loss)
Women who drank two cups of coffee or more per day may reduce the risk of bone loss (osteoporosis).

4. Adding Fertility
Drinking coffee makes sperm "swim" faster and can improve male fertility.

5. prevent gallstones

6. protect skin
consumption of 2-5 cups of coffee a day may reduce the risk of skin cancer.

7. preventing diabetes

8. prevent cirrhosis
Coffee may protect the liver from cirrhosis, particularly cirrhosis due to alcoholism.

9. reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke
a study in Finland found that drinking two to three cups of coffee per day had a risk of stroke 19% lower than those who drank no coffee.

In addition to health benefits, coffee proved to have many khasit for skin beauty. Many women use coffee as an ingredient for beauty. Black powder can be massaged into the entire body. These are called care scrub or body scrub using coffee. This treatment, if done regularly it can smooth the skin and also can be slimming.

There are several benefits of coffee for beauty:
1. Can remove acne scars, dark spots and blemishes.

2. Improving blood circulation and destroy the existing fat in your body.

3. Repair damaged skin and remove dead skin cells.

4. Can keep the skin moist.

5. Neutralize irritated skin and provides nutrients to the skin.

6. Can eliminate cellulite if done regularly
Although the benefits of coffee is a lot, but if consumed in excess, coffee will also cause side effects Usually there will be heart palpitations, insomnia, headache and others.

But I think we ought to know and the knowledge that maybe useful someday.


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