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Do not Cover Body Odor with perfume!

Body Odor
Health News - Body odor, when the weather is hot, one of the problems faced by most people is the smell of body odor. Some people sometimes do not realize that their bodies release the aroma.

Body odor or bromhidrosis (also called bromidrosis, osmidrosis and ozochrotia) is the smell of bacteria in the body. The bacteria increase in numbers rapidly due to the presence of sweat, but sweat itself is odorless.

Our sweat is produced by two glands, Apocrine glands and Accrine glands. Accrine sweat glands produce a clear and odorless issued as a baby, and usually appear on the hands, back, and forehead. Whereas Apocrine glands found in certain places, especially in the hair root zone, such as the armpits, genitals, and inside the nose. Apocrine glands are active after puberty.

Accrine glands secrete fluid that contains water and is odorless. The fluid serves degrades the body at any given time. Whereas apocrine glands contain saturated fatty acids with more viscous and oily liquids.

The smell of body odor is also influenced by genetic factors. However, it does not guarantee 100%. The important thing is how to always maintain the cleanliness of the body. Cleanliness body starts from the clothes we wear, regularly clean the body or bath 2 times a day, and keep the food we eat.

The condition of one's soul, such as stress or emotional, in fact also affects the apocrine glands work more effectively and productively, thus exacerbating the body odor. Another factor is obesity triggers the body odor. In obese people, tend to sweat trapped between the folds of skin.

If the gland Apocrine sweats a little but we do not clean it and then mixed with bacteria, body odor will occur in our bodies. Especially if you often eat high protein foods, such as goat meat (because it can dilate blood vessels), durian, fried onions, smoking, alcohol, and antibiotics.

Many methods are used to eliminate or disguise the smell of body odor. Currently, quite a lot of body odor remover products on the market, ranging from deodorants, oral medications, and talc. In addition, there are botox injections and surgery. The most secure and efficient to eliminate body odor is actually easy and cheap.

Always clean the armpit with an antiseptic soap every time you shower. After bathing, dry with a towel, tissue or dry cloth and dab antiseptic powder. In addition, consumption of fruits, vegetables, and drinking water can cause the sweat become more dilute so that body odor is reduced.

For some people remove body odor is not an issue. Stay a day twice a shower, apply deodorant, spray a little perfume, and body odor disappear. However, such a normal way does not make the odor disappear.

Many of us have high activity, which means it will generate a lot of sweat. Because the habit factors, many of which only use perfume to mask body odor. In fact, if we just put on perfume, cologne, or powder that has no active substances kill the bacteria or stop the sweat glands in the skin with apoccrine, then maybe we even added body odor. Should look for products that do contain the active substances to fight body odor, and use perfume or scented body spray to make not to cover up body odor. Or search deodorant spray deodorant that is also equipped.

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