Saturday, August 6, 2011

Danger excess weight

excess weight
Many are not realized any among us who are overweight, and they take it easy, if dangerous to be excess weight?, Know you are overweight have a risk of serious illness, like diabetes, high blood pressure and fat, these diseases in a long time to form a "character fat" walls of blood vessels or in the language of medicine is often called atherosclerosis.

What is arherosclerosis, the state of the blood vessels that are no longer on the brain healthy, so it will cause a stroke, the coronary blood vessels can cause heart attacks, when the retinal blood vessels can cause blindness or often called retinopathy, whereas if it occurs in renal blood, can lead to kidney trouble caused by nephropathy, and death of tissue in the legs and feet are often indications of diabetes leg and foot must be amputated, of course you will not want that experience because excess weight .

Gallstones can form when excess blood fats arherosclerosis. Women, age 40, and obese nicknamed "4 M" or Female, Forty, Fat, Fertile. They belong to groups at risk of contact with gallstones. Excessive fat is also one of the precipitating factors of cancer.

Then how do I lose weight or prevent excess weight in a healthy and safe, is actually much safer way to weight loss diet, one of them is Lose water weight in a day. By limit the serving’s carbohydrates and fats. Protein, vitamins, and minerals should not be to less. The principle of the weight loss diet there are three, low in calories, no side effects, and remove the fat body as much as possible. However, not all of them weight loss diet give satisfactory results. In principle, regulate their calorie intake as much as the calories used, without reducing the adequacy of all the nutrients the body needs every day.


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