Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lose water weight in a day

lose water weight in a day
There are alternative ways for those who want to lose weight in one day, namely by removing water in our bodies or you can tell lose water weight in a day, we all know when we are hungry and no food around us, we drink enough to suppress our appetite, how about drinking eight glasses water day. If we have a lot of activity so much water out, can drinking water help lose weight?

Based on the above simple way, Some say that if you want to lose water weight in a day, yes you can drinking water help lose weight by multiply the piss or just sit in the sauna or the place that we spend a lot of sweat if the theory is true opinion, because our bodies contained elements is at most water , and the need to remember that the human body consists of 80% water, but if the water was forced out of the body to below the 80% would in fact not good for health and eventually you will become dehydrated.

The way to get around so the water stays out in our bodies with healthy that is, with you have to drink water, I know you must think that my opinion strange,water a day how much, but true enough exercise such as walking, running, bike, jump rope, and other activities little that can be issued in Balance with sweat and drinking enough water, without drinking alcohol, beer, or soda, you will automatically weight down with healthy, as more and more moves, the more severe water well that will come out of your body good in the form of sweat or urine, and keep his balance with you drink enough water to avoid dehydration, and slowly but surely you will lose weight healthily.

In addition you also still do not skip meals, do not let you eat late even for not eating, keep eating but with a reduced portion of the usual consumption of fruits and vegetables are also good in the process of burning fat, unlike other foods, eating fruit and vegetables too much lower in calories, rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Avoid foods high in sugar because it causes a rapid rise in insulin, thus saving too much sugar causes low blood sugar, fat production, depression, fatigue and cause starvation. And lastly for lose water weight in a day avoid fat, sugar and alcohol because it can slow the metabolism of the body.


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