Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why we can get Nail Infection or PARONYCHIA

Nail Infection,PARONYCHIA
Nail infections or medical language is Paronychia, the main cause is the use of inappropriate shoes, the shoes were pressing the nails and make it curl into the skin. Nails are cut or frayed ends on the edge tend to manifest, to avoid this problem should cut nails straight from side to side. In case more related to individual genetics, it is believed that this disorder is caused by a congenital malformation is determined by heredity.

Osteoarthritis and the growth of flesh under the nail can cause distortion of the same growth; treatment also helped this trend. Treatment is: When starting the first problem, most likely only need to soak our feet in warm water for 20 minutes and place dry cotton under the corner of the nail. If the situation deteriorates added, then we will see that the worse the pain and swelling and drainage area, many times when the situation becomes uncontrollable, requiring surgery to remove part of the ingrown toenail.

You can also choose to use a topical antiseptic, if I prefer to use revanol counter in pharmacies, to kill bacteria function to stop the inflammation, the treatment relies on antibiotics and antiseptics. Surgical procedures to numb the affected area then cut the nails along the edge that grows in the skin, pull a piece of nail, then apply the liquid on the exposed parts, it serves to prevent the nail growing back into the skin. This operation is called ablation, we also have other so-called "classical action" where the nail came from the meat in the cutting of the lateral root cause of the incarnation of the same, and here you need stitches.

As an additional suggestion from me for prevents nail infection or paronychia, it helps cut your nails at least once a week. To clean your nails and nail health, before being cut with hot water and soak compresses using revanol.


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