Friday, July 8, 2011

Key losing weight

losing weight
Many types of diets have been designed to lower of weight, from low carbohydrate diets like the regime known like Atkins, or others like the Zone and Ornish.

Although the Atkins diet, for example, has demonstrated to be efficient to lose weight, new investigations allude to that what there is to make to undo of the fat surplus is to rely on a basic rule: that is to say, to lower general the caloric ingestion, is as it is.

“The secret is that it does not interest if one is concentrated in reducing to the fats or carbohydrates”, it assured Elizabeth Nabel on the matter, director of the Cardiac, Pulmonary and Hematological Institute National, that financed and led the investigation. And it added that to limit the consumption of calories and to burn more calories with regular exercise they are the key to lose weight.

This study was published in the latest issue of New England Journal of Medicine and was conducted by the School of Public Health and Harvard Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Louisiana in the United States.

The investigators worked with 811 adults exceeded weight, of which two thirds were women. To these participants he assigned himself to them, at random, one of four diets: each with different proportions from fats, proteins and carbohydrates. All four contain healthy fats, were rich in whole grains, fruits and vegetables and low in cholesterol.

To each stimulated to that it reduced 750 calories to him in his daily diet, that exercised 90 minutes per day, maintained a newspaper nourishing in Internet and would meet regularly with advisers in nutrition to control its progresses.

Thus it was possible to be concluded that no of the diets was better than another one: the reduction of weight as much as the reduction as large as the waist was similar in all the groups.

In average, the participants lowered about 6 kilograms to the six months of begun the study, but all the groups began to raise of weight after a year. To both years, the loss of weight average had lowered to 4 kilograms. Only the 15 percent lowered the 10 percent or more of their initial weight.


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