Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What is the prostate cancer

prostate cancer
The prostate cancer is one of the major’s flagella of the masculine sector of the population. She is in addition one to the most common diseases within this social branch, and its diagnosis in time can save many lives. A massive aversion to the accomplishment of examinations for the detection of this cancer exists, but it is very necessary that they are carried out to be able to treat it in case of his appearance correctly.

After turned the 40 years it is almost obligatory to be realized the prostate examination every year. Most common it is the rectal tact realized by an urologist, although several studies and analyses exist that can be used for the detection of the cancer. The people majors are most prone to suffer this disease, thus is very important to make a control annual to avoid any type of surprise.

The list of symptoms of this disease enough is varied. If you undergo some of the following, the best thing is to make a consultation to your doctor of confidence: pain when tinkling, losses, muscular appearance of blood in the excretions and pains in the zone of the column, ingle and the testicles. It remembers that an early diagnosis can help an effective treatment that diminishes the death risk.

It is not either question to live scared, but always he is advisable to encourage to the prevention. Ten in account that to maintain good habits of feeding and physical activity considerably diminishes the risk of undergoing prostate cancer. In addition, it remembers that the familiar predisposition is also conditioner to have this suffering.


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