Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Swimming, an ideal activity for all stages of life

Swimming is a very complete physical activity - and ideal to practice in these days of summer, that not only is a good exercise cardio, that it improves our circulation and breathing, but also provides relaxation to us and is an excellent form to better feel us through “a less aggressive” activity for the body and, especially, the joints.

It is also a recommended activity for all stages of life. Here in this post some of your benefits, according to each age in childhood and early adolescence, their practice can be recommended as a way to not only exercise but also to foster a more harmonious growth of the body.

In this way, one will be getting used to the body moving in an atmosphere that is not to him the natural one, the aquatic one. A development of the pronounced back more is very probable if swimming practices during the adolescence, one better position will be assured, as well as more contoured muscles.

Another important point of swimming - and not only in this age, but during any moment of the life it is that it is a very good form to increase the resistance, reason why a better physical state will be obtained generally.

After the adolescence, once completed the bony development, it will be possible to be continued resorting swimming like an indicated activity to strengthen muscles and like cardiovascular exercise of great value, besides burning calories and helping to burn accumulated fat, there was in case it.

In addition, you must remember that to swim she is one of the best forms to stay in form and to obtain that the body is in favor young of more time.

Finally, it is possible to be said that already for the people majors, of more than 50 years, swimming is more than adapted to help them to maintain the joints in optimal conditions, a good state of health generally and better quality of life.

*In the case of pregnant women, swimming is an excellent option - to non being who the doctor indicates the opposite specifically, since the water constitutes ideal means to realize movements and positions more easily, than of another form would not be possible, to stay active and to favor not only the flexibility but also the resistance to arrive in better form at the time of the childbirth.

Remember: hydrotherapy swimming effects and improves symptoms of diseases of bone status, motor, muscle, joint, etc. Activates the lymphatic and circulatory system, helps in the prevention of varicose veins, reduces swelling and cramps, as well as cause sedative effect, reduce stress and improve welfare.


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