Friday, July 22, 2011

Eight Glasses of Water a Day

drink water
They say that the drink water cleanses the body of "toxins and helps you lose weight or lose water weight in a day, because it tricks the stomach into thinking it is full." Not only that, but also keeps the skin hydrated and make slows the effects of aging.
To get fully hydrated state of health, told that we need at least eight glasses a day.

Furthermore, the lack of water has been linked to everything from hunger to an increased risk of stroke. The message "drink water" is so important in this last decade.

Although there is no doubt that water is vital for numerous body functions, such as transporting nutrients through the bloodstream, and without adequate fluid, salt levels in the body can lead to brain damage, confusion and even death .

According to opinion of Catherine Collins, dietician at the San Jorge Hospital in London, "the idea that everyone needs eight glasses of water a day is ridiculous. The need for water for each person is different and is different every day."

That food also provides liquid. Fruits and vegetables are full of water, and even the cheese, one third of water. On the other hand, we have suggested that tea, coffee , juice or soup does not count towards your fluid intake, but they do. "

Neither agree that thirst could mean that our body is running dangerously low on fluids. "It's a warning, but not a sign you're dehydrated, you need plenty of water or you should drink water every two hours."

Therefore, although the lack of water is harmful, so is drinking water, because it can cause hyponatremia (sodium concentration) and whether "flood the brain cells with water, can lead to confusion, convulsions and even death ".

Concludes Professor Neil Turner, University of Edinburgh and Group President Kidney Research (UK) said; "However, there are exceptions where we can benefit by drinking more fluids than normal. In case of fever, repeated urinary infections (ancient Indonesians said: anyang-anyangen), or kidney stones, then yes, you may need to increase fluids".


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