Saturday, July 16, 2011

Medicinal Plants: Mint and anise

Within the great variety of plants and medicinal plants for the treatment of diverse ailments we found two herbs like anise and mint whose healing principles are very interesting.

The anise: Very used in the cooking one it grants to the meals a touch of characteristic flavor, but not only in the kitchen this grass can be used that like other many plants own seeds with very important curative properties.

Anise can be used leaves, flowers and seeds, being that the latter have excellent properties in the treatment of some diseases or problems such as slow digestion, the intestinal weakness , mucus in the chest. It is also used to help with labor and breast feeding women; it works by increasing the milk .

The Anise oil can be used when suffering from stomach pains and cramps, rub the oil for a few minutes to calm the pain will be achieved and in cases of headaches, the oil is rubbed on the temples, disappearing in just a nuisance minutes.

An infusion of anise seeds will improve the intellectual yield and will fortify the nerves, releasing the tensions and stress.

The mint: Native plant of South America is in abundant form in Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia and Paraguay.

Of pleasant flavor, it can be used to prepare infusions that improve the slow digestions. Its presentation is varied can be found in treats, dressings, preparations for infusions.

By its great curative power is used it for digestive problems, stomach pains, of head, fortification of the glands and it is recommended for people with cardiac problems, is also effective against cramps, dizziness and vomiting, liver and kidneys.

It can in addition include in meals and drinks obtaining beneficial results when consuming it.

For the preparation of a mint tea 30 grams of her in a liter of water are due to use about, that after to boil is spilled on the mint leaves, is let rest minutes and well drinks it warms up. When they are had digestive problems a small cup/must be taken after the meals.


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