Thursday, July 14, 2011

Physical traits People do not Sports

people not sports
Exercise can be a difficult thing to do by people, the reason most often expressed is not having time to do. Then what kind of physical traits of people who never exercise?

Most people probably already know the importance of exercise or physical activity for the body, which can reduce the risk of certain diseases and make him look fit and fresh.

When exercising your body and moves the heart rate will increase the flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients evenly distributed, so the organs inside the body will function optimally. In addition it is also good exercise to get rid of excess fat that accumulates in some parts of the body.

But that does not mean all people want to exercise regularly because many of the reasons given for not exercising person.

Physical characteristics that exist in people who never exercise, as quoted from, Friday (13/05/2011) such as:

1. Accumulation of fat in some areas of the body, especially in
the abdomen, arms and thighs

2. The body does not look tight but it looks like a soft or
sagged as a result of excess fat

3. The face looked lethargic and less excited each day

4. Often complain sleepy in the morning

5. Fatigue or breathing became gasping when I had to walk
away or up and down stairs

6. Often experience problems such as muscle cramps or stiff due to
lack of elasticity and muscle tone

Impacts arising from never exercising not only limited to just physical, but also affects the overall body condition. As part of the nervous system-specific section will have a constant pressure throughout the day that can trigger pain and tingling, as well as lymphatic fluid that cannot be properly distributed to various body tissues.

This condition will affect a person's immune system which makes it susceptible to disease, especially during flu season, and also trigger sleep disturbances.

For that if you want to have a beautiful body shape, muscle is tight and the face that is always fresh, always try to make themselves available to exercise or other physical activity.



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