Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tai Chi helps restore balance

tai chi
The practice of the Tai Chi, one of the manifestations of the martial art of China, is important to help to maintain many areas of our organism active.
One of those is the balance. The balance is essential part of the operation of the people, since the lack of this can be related those people who have undergone a cerebral spill.

Specifically the doctors have found who have suffered of a cerebral spill lose, after to recover, the capacity of the balance, which is deteriorated seriously causing that some people can count on a high risk of falling, which, in its state, could aggravate the situation of its health.

The female leader of physical therapy of the University of Illinois, Christina Hui-Chan, has developed studies on the opportunities that the practice of the Tai Chi for those people offers who have suffered of a cerebral spill, since between its benefits is taking to the people to have a greater balance in his to drive newspaper, so that therefore dangerous falls are avoided.

The investigation counted on the participation of 136 people, in Hong Kong, who had suffered of the disease in the six months previous to the period that took the study.


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