Thursday, July 7, 2011

Vitamins B Complex

vitamin b complex
Vitamins B complex, are one of most important for the human organism. These are necessary in the metabolism of our body, the optimum operation of our nervous system, it disturbs fats, and it absorbs glucose, as we can see owns stops benefits. And for those who worry about their aspect and they do not manage to understand much of the human metabolism, also this aid to the care of the skin, the eyes, the liver, etc. must worry about the subject, since.

The greater problem is in which vitamins of the complex B, are basically water soluble substances, this means that they dissolve in this way with facility in the water and, in our body. Therefore they are of fast remainder; by the urine we eliminated great amounts of vitamins. And still more if we are consuming of spirits, which harness the frequency to tinkle.

But care, because many falls in the error of “enters better” and for that reason they buy vitamins which take by piles, when in truth for everything a balance exists, and in this particular case, the complex excess of vitamins B is not necessarily detrimental. But if unnecessary, since the excess B vitamins are eliminated in the urine by its soluble characteristics.


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