Monday, July 18, 2011

Prevent mosquito bites in many ways

prevent mosquito bites
The summer is a very prone time for the puncture of tiny beasts since the temperature that exists allows them to survive easily. One of the most annoying summer bugs are the mosquitoes that besides suck our blood can transmit some diseases. Today I will explain how to prevent mosquito bites.

- Surely you've ever seen a street light completely surrounded by mosquitoes and moths. He is recommendable to maintain the lights dull whenever it is possible since the heat produced by the light bulbs attracts the insects to them.

- If we open the windows often helpful to use a network that blocks access to insects. We can make mosquito netting with two pairs of woods and one network. With woods we will create squaring and with we will fill up it to the network.

- Something that we must try to avoid in summer is the use of colonies or products with a sweet scent. The tiny beasts feel attracted made the similar scents to those of the flowers or to rich sugar foods.

- Foods that include garlic, onion, cloves or drive away the mosquitoes.

- While walking down the street at night or during sleep is recommended to cover our body correctly to hinder access to mosquitoes. For example when we sleep we can use a fine savannah that does not give much heat.

- You can also use mosquito repellents. We buy in any mall or create a homemade repellent for example using Eucalyptus leaves cooked and spread throughout our home.

In the case of victims of the mosquitoes we need to take some steps to the bites disappear as soon as possible:

- Never need to scratch the bites to avoid inflamed or infected.

- To finish the sooner with the punctures he is recommendable to throw some type of ointment or liquid that reduces the inflammation and that dries the zone. We can find any product of this type in the nearest pharmacy.

Sometimes using fan during sleep may prevent mosquito bites too,i have tried it, That's the tips that I know for prevent mosquito bites, hopefully these tips about prevent mosquito bites can help, if there are other tips that can be added in the comments below.


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