Saturday, July 16, 2011

More acne treatments

acne treatment
The market different alternative and products for the treatment from the acne exist in.

In generic form the majority of the treatments is successful but by short lapses of time, at the most about three months, after this, the improvement begins to be diluted.

By this, many dermatologists advise a combination of treatments that can enormously reduce to the amount and quality of the acne in the great majority of the cases.
We see then some of the alternatives of treatments that exist at present for the acne:

Exfoliation of the skin: An abrasive cloth can chemically be done in form manual using or, with exfoliation agents like the salicílico acid and the glicóico, that generate a loosening of the layer superior of the skin.

Bactericidal topics: These bactericidal products contain benzoyl peroxide that produces a moderation of the acne. The cream or gel that contains this bactericidal one places twice to the day in the affected region and in this way it is able to prevent new injuries. Different from antibiotics, the benzoyl peroxide has the advantage of being a powerful oxidant and for that reason it does not offer resistance.


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