Saturday, July 2, 2011

Properties of the green tea

green tea
The green tea is a magnificent protector against some diseases, besides being excellent to increase the vitality and also to become thin.

Different types from tea or infusions exist that own curative properties and that help to lower of weight, this it is the case of the green tea, that at present very has been spread by its magnificent medicinal properties as as much slimming.

As much the green tea as the black contains polifenoles, that generates very beneficial effects in our body, protecting the heart, improving the metabolism and diminishing the cholesterol. Of the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis, a shrub that is original of Asia, they prepare so much the black tea as the green one, cooking their leaves to the steam during very just a short time soon letting dry them, those that they will be for making black tea is put under drying and heating, losing itself many of polifenoles. The green tea is not put under this technique and for that reason it thinks that he is better for the health.

It has been verified with laboratory tests that the green tea has an inhibiting power in the growth of cancers of skin in mice. In the humans one detected that those that take tea regularly have less chances to contract cancer that the people who do not include it in their daily diet.
The tea contains a teofilina called substance, very similar to caffeine, for that reason it becomes suitable for people who suffer of asthma, since it is a broncho dilator.Nevertheless, one is due to have well-taken care of not to become addict to the tea and the stimulating effects of the teofilina, for that reason the ingestion of two daily cups is recommended at the most.

The green tea owns so many or more antioxidants than vegetables and fruits, also are a good tonic for the skin. As far as his slimming effects, it has been verified that the green tea ingestion during the time that lasts the diet to become thin, aid to diminish the weight.

Recent investigations also show, it like excellent foresighted of burns produced by the sun, avoiding an appearance of the skin cancer and is a very effective tonic of the skins damaged by the sun. 
The doctors advise besides acupuncture a low fat diet and daily physical activity.


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