Thursday, July 28, 2011

Characteristics corneal dystrophy in each dog breeds

corneal dystrophy in dog
In the previous article, entitled corneal dystrophy disease in dogs, corneal dystrophy is actually between the disease in dogs with one other dog has different characteristics, the following I try to give some of the characteristics in each dog breeds:

In beagle dogs, corneal dystrophy may begin the early age of 3 years. Beagles usually have either the anterior stromal opacity or one that involves all layers of the stromal. Opacity last the oval, like cloud lesions.

Siberian Huskies have a form of corneal dystrophy like crystalloids. It is inherited as a recessive trait and appears round or oval horizontal. Initially as a mist, gray spreads in the anterior stroma and can develop into crystals or gray-brown opaque deposits in the anterior stroma, or involving the posterior part of the stroma or stroma throughout. Form of dystrophy usually begins between 4 to 26 months of age.

Shetland Sheepdogs have corneal dystrophy which may begin as early as 4.5 months of age and usually lasts a lifetime. It usually manifests as a round gray or white small beginning in the middle of the cornea and then developing peripheral elsewhere. This condition is an epithelial dystrophy, which means it is in the superficial layer of the cornea. Its corneal dystrophy is inherited but the mode of inheritance is unknown.

Chihuahuas’ has the form of corneal dystrophy that usually begins later in the day, 5 to 10 years. Its mode of inheritance is unknown. This disease begins as a buildup of fluid on the corneal dystrophy due to the inability to act as a water barrier to keep the fluid inside the eye of the soak into the corneal stroma. Fluid buildup that causes cornea looks white. It begins at the edge of the cornea, the progress of the center and often involves the entire cornea, causing the cornea appears to thicken. Fluid can accumulate under the epithelium and picked it up, causing painful corneal ulcers are extremely difficult to treat.


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