Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tips to reduce calories

reduce calories
See more ideas to reduce calories about 100 calories with various little tricks when preparing your meal or snack, according to the site of Internet Shape.com.

* That oil is the last thing you add. If you are going to consume vegetables, they are eggplants, spinach or fungi, cook steamed first-or boiled-and then eventually ader├ęzalos with one or two teaspoons of olive oil, lemon and also the addition of finely chopped herbs will be healthy and tasty option.

If, however, cook your vegetables in oil, fry, permeate the vegetables add fat and unnecessary calories.

* To spice up your meals, like your potatoes or meat, opt for preparing a defatted chicken broth or vegetable with herbs, basil, parsley and garlic if you like, instead of adding more fat other options, such as heavy sauces made based butter or cream.

*You are about to organize a special, perhaps romantic dinner? You can change of glasses. If you are going to taste a red wine, the best thing than you can do is on the other to choose glass instead of one of red wine - already that is greater and has more capacity. One of champagne will be a better idea to better measure your intake of wine.

* Add water to your juice. Another form propose to reduce calories is adding the same proportion of water to your juice, are natural or no. Of any way, in the personnel, I do not see bad drink pure natural juice, the nutrients and fibers safe will be worth the pain.


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