Friday, July 15, 2011

While asleep at Work make Spirit At Wake

sleep at work
Someone who fall asleep while at work will labeled as lazy by superiors or colleagues. But make no mistake, experts say a nap even if only momentarily and unintentionally remain useful.

Various studies have shown that napping for a few moments can make the brain go back fresh. Positive impact can be felt include the concentration increases, so it can run a multitasking or do lots of things at the same time.

This theory applies also to nap unintentional, such as falling asleep at his desk in the middle of the bustle. Although only slept for a very short time, someone can still wake up with a fresher state of mind.

Prof. Alon Avidan, neurologist and sleep disorders from the University of California says that the human need to nap cannot be separated from the biological clock. At 3-4 pm, the rhythm of the body tends to decline so take a break to get back to the original rhythm.

At work, the cycle should not be resisted. If there is not a place to lie down comfortably, then do not hesitate to head down on the desk or leaning against the couch in the living room for a few moments alone.

"You just need a nap for 15-20 minutes to feel the amazing benefits. If more than 30 minutes, so the effect is even more sleepy and lose concentration," said Prof. Avidan as quoted by AP, on Friday (07/15/2011) .

Prof. Avidan suggestion would be difficult to apply by some people who claim to always be awake while working as a guard at the airport control tower. Some time ago, an officer in the United States control tower received sanctions from superiors because of falling asleep while on duty.


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