Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Curing Acne in 24 hours

curing acne
Investigators of the University of California, in San Diego, verified that the use of lauric acid, a fatty acid present in the Coco milk and that has antibiotic qualities, it eliminates less than in 24 hours the bacteria responsible for the acne. A substantial advance taking into account that the treatments at the moment available show to effectiveness average 40%.

The scientists extracted láurico acid of the Coco milk and they turned into nano particles, that is to say, microscopic particles, which were adhered to liposomes, small used spheres to transport different nutrients between the cells and to even introduce genes in others.

The formula has the appearance of a lotion that is applied on the zone of the skin affected by the disease. It is delayed 12 hours in beginning to reduce the bacterium and to the 24 hours of incubation it kills all and it cures the injuries. The acne is produced by diverse factors: hormonal, excessive sebosidad and querantine of the skin and by the action of a present bacterium habitually in the well-known dermis and like Propionibacterium acne.

Besides being a simple and fast treatment, the application of lauric acid produces no side effects for the patient. It would be possible to be put during the day or the night and it will not make damage, because it does not produce sequels in the skin.


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