Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Omega 3 benefits

In the Ofthalmology magazine an article was published in which it is maintained that the adults majors that consume greasy fish, at least, once per week, would have a smaller risk of developing degeneration to spot associate with the age (DMAE).

It is not the first time that concludes that this type of foods reduces the risk of suffering this disease: in other studies already one had made sure that the frequent consumers of fish tend to register lower rates of DMAE than those do that it with smaller regularity.

Once again, the essential fatty acids Omega 3 would be the people in charge of this protection. We remember that the main source of Omega 3 is fished like the salmon and the tuna.

The degeneration to spot associate with the age takes place by the abnormal growth of the blood vessels behind the retina or by the destruction of sensible cells to the light within the retina, process that takes serious to visual problems, including the blindness.

Although it is disease is degenerative and it does not have cures, exist certain treatments that could prevent it or delay it: by case, a clinical test realized in the United States found that a high dose of an antioxidant combination (vitamins C and E, beta-carotene and zinc) would delay the advance of the intermediate DMAE.

This work in particular was carried out by the equipment of Bonnielin K. Swenor, the Johns Hopkins University, in Baltimore, and analyzed the data of about 2,520 adults among 65 and 84 years.

Of this sample, a 15 percent displayed early, and almost a 3 percent, outpost. Although this equipment could not conclude a manifest relation between the consumption of fish of the volunteers and the risk of undergoing DMAE, yes registered a connection between the frequent consumption of rich fish in 3 Omega and the possibility of having an advanced stage.

Those people who consumed one or more portions of rich fish in these fatty acids per week were until a 60 percent less prone to develop to DMAE outpost in comparison with which they ate less amounts.
“Although the study sample that the rich fatty acid diet Omega 3 reduces to the DMAE risk outpost in some patients, more studies are needed to prove it”, concluded Swenor



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