Friday, July 29, 2011

Hot Dogs and smoking has same danger?

hot dogs and cigarette
Eat a hot dog in the morning, when going into work, is must food Americans, but lately why there are pictures hot dogs in packs of cigarettes (not in packs of Electronic Cigarette :), even with a warning that the hot dogs can be harmful to health or "Smoking can cause cancer, heart attack, impotency and problems During pregnancy as well as affects the health of the newborn ". I just knew about hot dogs and cigarette picture was launched by the medical groups in Washington DC.

Not only in Washington DC, but Indianapolis has also just launched a billboard by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, an image 4 pieces hot dog in a pack of cigarettes arranged as four cigarettes. In figure was also writing "Warning: Hot dogs can wreck your Health".

So Hot Dogs and smoking has same danger? Apparently the medical group is trying to change people's habits or make aware people, about the relationship of cholesterol cancer or colon cancer with a hot dog. In 2007 the World Cancer Research Fund research and found that 50 grams of processed meat per day or can be mean equals 1 serving hot dogs, can increase the risk of colorectal cancers.

But do not worry, not all health experts and health partners agree with the proposed terms of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is. Health experts (American Cancer Society) to conclude that we do not immediately eliminate the consumption of meat in the daily menu will but not to make this as you are the foods in your diet or remember about Radish, a natural ally against the cancer.



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