Sunday, July 10, 2011

Stretch marks removal

stretch mark
Stretch marks are little desired by most women (and men also), they consist of lines, or marks of variable length, deep, that take place in the skin following the breakdown of their elastic fibers. ( so whats is the best
Stretch marks removal ? )

They are more common in the women, although in principle have a genetic basis, is more likely to appear during the pregnancy or in cases of obesity and subsequent weight loss (by stretching the skin).

At first, stretch marks are pink to red, and soon they become white. Although stretch marks are not one hundred percent preventable if certain steps we can take to reduce their appearance and improve the appearance of the skin.

It is important to use moisturizing creams or oils that contain high levels of vitamin A, since it is helpful for nourishing and regenerating the skin. Thus also, it is recommended to consume this nutrient through foods: vegetables like the carrots, pumpkins, sweet potato, melon, broccoli, among others.

In addition, it is recommended to incorporate foods with vitamins D and C as citrus fruits, dairy, eggs, and also add more zinc to the diet through consumption of fish, shellfish, beans, etc..

Another option is the special ointment preparation to apply directly in the affected zone and to help to reduce its incidence thus: the olive oil is recommended, as well as other natural options, like carrots and cabbage, that to the beta being rich carotenes and minerals, can be of utility to regenerate the skin. In addition, one knows that they have properties anti inflammatory.

Also, another natural alternative is the one of smoothly massage the region affected with a combination of vegetal pure oil, germ of wheat and oil of sweet almond (all ingredients with moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties). In fact, wheat germ and rosehips are two compounds widely used in beauty treatments for stretch marks offered in beauty salons and spas.

With respect to the medical treatments for Stretch marks removal available it is possible to be said that they are based on the organic acid use, especially, the Retinol and the glycolic acid, also used to reduce the wrinkles.


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