Thursday, July 7, 2011

Foods for beauty

foods for beauty
If you want to "feed" your beauty or freshness of your skin or your nails strength and shine of your hair, you might want to know what foods you can then "feed it" to do (pun intended).

According to Lisa Drayer , let me inventing the term-American and author of a book on the subject called The Beauty Diet (Diet for beauty) should be eaten the following foods:

- For the face.
*Agua and more water. The skin is in a 70 vital liquid east percent, so he is essential to maintain to the organism everything and her in particular hydrated all the day.
*Green tea. Polyphones that contains and other beneficial chemicals make of this infusion a filter pave drinkable.

- For the nails.
* Spinach. This vegetable of green, rich leaf in vitamins of the complex B, is of utility to help the nails to grow, in form and forts.
*Yogurt. The calcium and the proteins also are essential for the healthful growth and the strength of the nails.
- For the hair.
* Fish. The hair is 97 percent protein, reason why the fish are an excellent source of them, in addition, its content of Omega 3 also is of aid to have a more shining hair and tuna.
* Beans. Some believe that the digestive system and its operation also affect the hair, therefore, eat fiber to facilitate processing and safe disposal of toxins and resulting waste.
In addition, the present iron in the string beans also is beneficial for the health of the hair.

Finally, we also see that this specialist recommends to us to have a radiating smile:
* Grains. The variants fortified with vitamin D help in the absorption of calcium, essential to have strong and healthful teeth.
* Apples. These fruits stimulate the saliva production, which constitutes one of the best barriers of natural defenses before the bacteria and decay.


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