Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Importance positive thinking in health

positive thinking
Positive thinking,It has already been said in many occasions that what “it happens on the inside”, and in all sense, repel enormously in our state of health. The thoughts emotions and keep positive thinking can much more be beneficial or, on the contrary, harmful, than we can believe.

This work included two studies, one was performed on survivors of stroke , which found that after its problems who felt apathy, indifference and sadness, had a slower recovery rate, and the other healthy women found that those middle-aged despair felt were unexpected thickening of the carotid artery, the main irrigating the brain. The first work, carried out by Canadian specialists, evaluated the later evolution of about 408 patients , through consultations and questionnaires to their caretakers.

These obtained information indicated that a third of these people had smaller apathy during the first year, whereas a three percent had apathy but in more important levels.

However, in general terms, these researchers found a negative thinking apathy (both minor and major) in all aspects of the physical recovery of these patients.

In the second work, carried out by professionals of the University of Minnesota, one studied to a total of 559 postmenopausal women without cardiovascular antecedents, and how the hopelessness repelled in the state of its heart, in specific, his carotid artery causing a thickening " abnormal "or unexpected.

Previous evidence of the relation between the increasing hopelessness already existed and a thickening of the coating of the artery carotid, which is a risk factor for stroke.

In this opportunity one became to find this entailment: the women who more hopelessness felt had up to 0.6 millimeters more of thickening (equal to the amount caused by some three years of age) compared to females less "hopeless."
“This not necessarily means that the hopelessness has a direct physical effect, since could operate through mechanisms that we did not measure”, pointed Susan Everson-Rose, professor of the mentioned University.

Nevertheless, the specialist assured that “the doctors must say to their patients who the emotional states positive thinking can have a physical effect, and that must look for a treatment adapted for them. The psychiatric treatment is just for the serious depression and the hopelessness”, warned.

These two new studies come to corroborate that the positive thinking have much too generally do with our body and state of health, and coronary: it is that everything is related and, as says an old phrase, “everything has to do yet”.


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