Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Aloe Vera, a plant for skin health

aloe vera
Aloe Vera is a plant used with a multitude of intentions, especially, in the world of aesthetic and the beauty. This compound comes from the African continent (the Congo) where in addition knows that they exist near 300 different species. Nowadays, its culture is frequent in zones of Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.

From remote times that this plant of great and particular leaves comes using thanks to its properties, mainly, in the care of the skin, by case, in centuries XVIII and XIX its prescription was very frequent.

The central part is what it is used for the applications, that is to say, of where obtains aloe vera gel, that is used to cure and to try from small cuts in the skin to burns caused by the sun.

In addition, this plant can be in amount lotions, cosmetics and products for the skin, its active compounds help to stop the pain and the inflammation, while they foment his growth and regeneration.

Well, we share some of its more common uses:

* For the slight burns in the skin.

* The aloe vera gel side also improves the symptoms of the genital herpes, and other affections as well as of the psoriasis.

Others of the uses of this plant, but no longer related to the skin, are:

* This plant can also be used in various ways, for different conditions related to the digestive system, from indigestion to colitis, or irritable bowel syndrome.

* Diabetes, some inconclusive studies, suggests that aloe vera juice of this plant could help lower blood sugar levels, although as said more evidence would fail to respect.

* Dental practices.

* There are also some studies that have been referred to as immune stimulant; in laboratory animals found that active substances in the leaf of silver may have immunological effects.

* The aloe vera also is being evaluated for the treatment of the asthma.


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