Tuesday, July 5, 2011

10 Benefits Tempe

1. Proteins contained in Tempe are very high, easily digested, and so good for diarrhea.

2. Contains irons, which are antioxidants flafoid thus lowering blood pressure.

3. Dismutase containing superoxide free radicals that can control good for heart patients.

4. Reduction of anemia. Anemia characterized by low hemoglobin levels due to lack of available iron (Fe), copper (Cu), Zinc (Zn), protein, folic acid and vitamin B12, in which elements are contained in Tempe.

5. Anti-infection. The survey results showed that Tempe contain antibacterial compounds produced by reef Tempe (R. oligosporus) is an antibiotic that is useful to minimize the incidence of infection.

6. Hipokolesterol power. Polyunsaturated fatty acid content in Tempe is able to lower cholesterol levels.

7. Have anti-oxidant properties, resist cancer.

8. Preventing multiple nutritional problems (due to shortage and excess nutrients) along with a variety of diseases that accompany it, both infectious and degenerative.

9. Prevent hypertension.

10. A high calcium content, Tempe can prevent osteoporosis.


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