Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Corneal dystrophy in dogs

corneal dystrophy in dogs
Health partners in the previous article has explained what's corneal dystrophy, now I will discuss in more detail about corneal dystrophy in dogs, corneal dystrophy is usually an inherited disease and is most common in dogs, to find out whether your pet dog diseased corneal dystrophy then look in his eyes if there is a change in eye color. Does eye color changed to bluish-white?

If yes immediately take your dog to the vet, and ask your veterinarian if your dog is affected by corneal dystrophy in dogs, make sure your vet carefully examined the eyes of the dog to the right diagnosis. Your veterinarian will perform a thorough physical examination on your dog, ranging from the ophthalmic examinations, blood chemistry profile, complete virgin count, electrolytes until urinalysis

Ask for a treatment plan, if enough is not given serious treatment (for stromal corneal dystrophy), whether given in the contact lens over your dog's eye (for endothelial corneal dystrophy) or you will be given antibiotic ointment (for ulcers corneal dystrophy) for your dog's eye so that the eye condition is evolving into a more serious condition, but if it happens it is then surgery may be needed.

Living and Management
When you bring home, let your dog take a rest, make a quiet place not let stress and no interference, keep away from small children until recovered, and away from other animals, he should save his energy for the healing of corneal dystrophy, when it feel better, take your dog to walk but still he was chained, and keep note of your dog's cues when the fatigue started to take home or your dog looks in pain from his eyes (e.g., blinking, tears) immediately contact your vet and for the last tips keep control to your veterinarian regularly about corneal dystrophy in dogs.