Thursday, July 7, 2011

Contact lens control your health

Contact lens
The contact lenses are used by many people prefer who them to use to the spectacles when counting on vision problems, although, also she serves to change the color of the eyes and is used by several aesthetic reasons.

But now several groups of ophthalmologists have managed to create intelligent contact lenses that can measure the pressure of the eye and act like medicine in certain occasions.

Only lack to prove these properties in human beings, which would be very beneficial for those people who suffer of glaucoma.

These lenses contain placed very small elements in diverse parts of the same, which react to any change of pressure in the eye and very simple way, as they wish the specialists who happen, collected by the lens will be possible to be sent to a computer so that it stays as part of clinical history.

Of this form each doctor would far better take the case of each of these patients and he would be managed to avoid complications in the eyes.

Like something extra within the lens, one hopes to obtain that it provides to the eye - when certain medicines are necessary that alleviate some problems.

For all this it is necessary that the investigations and this product are complete successful, because would be an excellent option of being able to control, especially to the glaucoma patients during every moment of the day.


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