Monday, July 25, 2011

Corneal dystrophy

corneal dystrophy
Before explaining what is Corneal dystrophy, Health Partners tried to explain a little about how eyes work, to saw we need a light to see objects that are all around us, and to differentiate colors from each other, the object being viewed first of all reflected by light, the reflection of light before we can define different colors.

Like the camera, the eye can be compared to the process taking pictures on film, the retina is like film which stores an image of what we are seeing, the image is directed onto the retina is then saved to the brain. And in order to focus the image captured that not vague, and then assisted by the cornea is set to fall exactly at the midpoint of the image the retina.

If the cornea is not able to focus the image so this is what meant by Corneal Dystrophy, Corneal Dystrophy is a condition in which one or more parts of the cornea lose their focus because of the buildup of cloudy material. In the United States is the most common diseases Corneal Dystrophy especially for the dog, maybe my next article I will write aboutCorneal Dystrophy in dogs.

Properties of the Corneal Dystrophy is usually inherited, Corneal Dystrophy is not caused by external factors, such as diet or injury, Corneal Dystrophy affecting the right eye and left the same, Corneal Dystrophy is most of the progress in stages, Corneal Dystrophy is most commonly begins in one of the five layers of the cornea and can then spread to layer nearby, Corneal Dystrophy is most do not affect other parts of the body, Corneal Dystrophy are also not associated with a disease that affects the eye or other parts of the body, Corneal Dystrophy most can occur in people who are completely healthy.


Unfortunately Corneal Dystrophy cannot be cured, but with certain drugs, not focus cornea or blurred vision due to corneal swelling can be controlled. Salt solutions such as sodium chloride drops or ointment are often prescribed to draw fluid from the cornea and reduce swelling. Another simple technique that reduces moisture in the cornea is to hold a hair dryer at arm's length, blowing air into his face with eyes closed. This technique is attractive moisture from the cornea, temporarily decreases swelling, and improves vision.
But when vision deteriorates to the point that interfere with the patient's ability to function normally,Corneal transplant is needed.


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