Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Headaches

summer headaches
The summer season is that everyone takes the opportunity to go to the beach, going out, sunbathe, go on vacation ... But some people are easier than others to develop a headache , which at this time is easier to arise. From our health blog analyze those situations that increase in summer headaches.

Perhaps or you have the answer, since the association of summer and headache (or Headaches) seems something evident. Within the summery season, the causes are many that cause that they increase the Headaches to it between the people most prone to have them. We can emphasize the following most significant causes as in the increase of the summer headaches.

Undoubtedly, the relationship between increased temperatures and the headache is straightforward. Receive direct sunlight in the head can also be a trigger for headaches. The situation may be complicated to the point where they can suffer heat stroke.

The own clarity of the summer, or the intensity of the light can be another reason by which they increase the Headaches in summer. To this it is possible to be added the abrupt changes to him of temperature that are taken place at this time of the year. To happen of the conditioned air to 19º to the heat of the street of 30º, is another reason, next to the cold stimuli of the meals: ice cream or frozen drinks may also trigger a headache.

The trips in airplane, the changes of pressure, stress, the changes of habits, not to respect the schedule of meals, and poor or too much sun on the beach are other reasons that cause headaches increase in summer.

So, already you know. Caution, avoid direct sunlight, use sunglasses, sleeping well and respects the meal times to avoid headaches in the summer.


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