Saturday, July 2, 2011

What foods to avoid during the pregnancy ?

foods avoid during pregnancy
As far as feeding one talks about, during the pregnancy, is necessary to avoid the crude food. In this sense, the crude fish, like sushi, must be avoided. In the same way, the seafood is an evil allied for the future mother, mainly oysters or clams, which are propitious foods to contain microbes that can bring about gastrointestinal diseases.

The fish smoky also you must avoid them during the pregnancy, unless they have been cooked before eating them. Generally, fished as swordfish or the mackerel also must be avoided, since they can contain mercury particles. Generally, any fish or food is due to avoid that has not passed the controls sanitary. In the same way, the meats, fish or seafood little cooked also put within this food coat to avoid.

Other foods that also there are to avoid during the pregnancy are the plates made with crude eggs or that little are cooked. Again the importance of not ingesting crude foods is seen, are of the type that are. In this way, the cold cuts also are due to avoid.

Also it is necessary to have special well-taken care of with milky ones, mainly with the milk that is not pasteurized. The fresh juices of fruits and The pregnancy is one of the most important stages in the life of all woman. When it is going to be mother, the careful are many that it is to have so that the future baby is born with all the possible guarantees. From this vegetables that are not pasteurized either are recommendable. Finally, during the pregnancy the teas composed with grass are due to avoid or any I supplement elaborated from them.


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