Monday, July 4, 2011

Causes hypertension

A person suffers of hypertension when he/she has too high the arterial pressure. Generally, pressure arterial is elevated and considered hypertension when it surpasses the 14 of principle and the 9 of minim, without stopping considering that the arterial pressure of a person can vary in relation to many factors, like the age, sex and the weight, between many others.

In case an individual has the arterial pressure over the 21 of principle and 12 of minim, a hypertensive crisis will take place that it requires of hospitalization of immediate form. Without doubt, one is one of the majors present diseases in the present society by which a great amount of people dies.

The worse thing of the hypertension is that suffers that it very hardly it gives account unless it carries out the necessary controls.As the hypertension is not pronounced with precise symptoms, he is truly complicated to be able to determine his existence, reason for which the hypertensive people do not receive the suitable treatment. This can derive in serious damages to vital organs, or in the worse one of the cases, cerebral hemorrhages and thrombosis.

Next, we will offer a listing of the most common causes of the hypertension, with the aim of determining why of these problems so common in the people:
• Obesity and overweight, especially if they are combined with the genetic predisposition.
• Age, since one takes place generally in people among 35 and 64 years.
• Sex, because the men before the 55 years are more prone to suffer hypertension, whereas the women are it after the 75 years.
• Excessive consumption of salt
• Tobacco and alcohol
• Not to realize to end physical exercises daily.


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