Saturday, July 30, 2011

What causes Eye Swelling When Wake Up?

Treatment eye bags
In the previous Health Partners article entitled Treatment eye bags, now what the cause, when awake in the morning sometimes a person has swollen eyes that made him insecure. What is the cause of puffy eyes in the morning?

The swollen eye is usually only when someone wake up in the morning. This incident is common. Here are some things that could be the cause, as quoted from the LIVESTRONG and MAYOCLINIC :

How long you sleep

Getting enough sleep eight hours a day, not only helps the body function properly, but also affects the level of inflammation in the body. If you are not getting enough sleep, the blood vessels under the eyes will dilate and closer to the surface so it looks more swollen.

Sleeping position

sleeping with your head elevated cannot make the fluid accumulate below the eyes. Conversely, if the head is supported somewhat by placing a pillow under the head will allow the force of gravity to draw liquids out from under the eyes naturally.

Food and beverages are consumed before sleep

If you eat a diet rich in sodium or drinking excess alcohol then it will likely wake up with puffy eyes. This is because food is too salty or high sodium causes the body to retain water so that the trigger swollen eyes.

It is advisable not to drink alcohol, because alcohol is a beverage that triggers dehydration, making the skin under the eyes becomes even thinner. So it looks more swollen. make sure to drink Eight Glasses of Water a Day .

 Even so there are some things you can do as Treatment eye bags:
1. Compresses with Cold water to the eye area as a whole for a few minutes after waking. To compresses can use slices of cucumber, cloth, cotton or a wet tea bag that serves constrict blood vessels.

2. Give a gentle pressure on the bone around the eye as when compressed, this condition will encourage circulation and help reduce excess fluid.

3. If puffy eyes caused by eating salty foods at night, then drink water when you wake up can help reduce puffy eyes.

4. Try getting enough sleep and use pillows to help prop up the head so as to prevent accumulation of fluid around the eye during sleep.

5. If the eyes are swollen due to allergy to something, then identify the allergens. Allergies can be caused by soaps, cosmetics or certain medications.


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