Monday, July 11, 2011

About Vitamin C

About Vitamin C has many valuable indispensable properties to maintain a good health. This vitamin can be found in many foods like fruits and vegetables; but their properties are likely to get lost easily, so you need to know how to keep them and not squander them.
As much fruits and vegetables lose vitamin C before conditions like the exhibition to the light or when they remain long time in the water.

According to the Esther de la Paz, vitamin C can be useful foods eating the fruits without peeling them, also cooking vegetables in the right measurement and eating them to the brevity. Also it recommends not maintaining the fruits or vegetables in the water during long time, since of this one form also they lose his dose of vitamin C.

Another situation where the foods lose vitamin C is when they are cooled for more than two days. While not completely lose this vitamin , if you lose almost half of its properties.

Vitamin C is one of the main aid to maintain in good conditions our immunological system. On the other hand, certain substances exist that attempt against the vitamin reserve C in our organism, like the alcohol, the tobacco and even the coffee.That is about vitamin c .


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