Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Reduce stress

reduce stress
It is always good for remembering advice to try to reduce the level of stress, to be more relaxed and trim, and, consequently, more healthful from all the aspects. It is mainly at this time of the year, when the last months approach, the moment at which the tensions and anxieties usually are increased.

It remembers to try to administer the time with intelligence, the organization and to anticipate what we are going to do can help us not to walk to “worried” and to avoid a high level of stress. For it, it carries out your scale of priorities with respect to the obligations and accepts only those that you can handle, according to your time. It faces only one thing per time, don't mention it will serve to want to you to include beyond which you can, only stress and frustration.

In this sense, also it has to be flexible, not to press them, and to be arranged to request aid. It is necessary to be neither very demanding towards this moment of the year (not yet it is moment of balance) nor for having a “false pride” to want to only do all, also aid can be asked when it is needed, is of the surroundings or a professional.

Only made speak, to express and to share what it happens to us it can helpful be to reduce the liberating pressure and. In addition, often another point of view can contribute to solutions or ideas to us that had not been happened to us independently.

Another essential point is to assure a good “use to us” our free time: to look for activities that please to us and they offer us to please and they help us to relax to us, is to sing, to go to the cinema, to take to a step or any other activity that does to us well. Thus also, during the days of week it will be necessary to make a pause in the work of minutes to breathe and to center us in us our self at least.

The contact with that we want is another fundamental piece: relatives and friendly are to a large extent our support. He is healthful to incorporate to our week moments with our intimate circle, where to share and to feel containment.

Finally, you do not forget that the physical activity also can be a very good form to lessen the stress level. Thus also, to decide on other calmer alternatives and cradles in the relaxation, like yoga, they can be very effective tools to be better, frees of tension and unnecessary anxieties.


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