Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Treatment eye bags

eye bags
The skin that surrounds our eyes is especially sensible and one of the zones of our face where before it is reflected the passage of the years and the age of the people. Much people feel inferior bags in the eyes and of that we are going to speak today, of some techniques, remedies and treatments anti-bags of the eyes. The ring under the eye and the bags in the eyes can appear by very diverse reasons and although usually we mainly associate to the fatigue its appearance, is not the unique factor. Sometimes also they can be a symptom more of some disease, or simply an accumulation of fat or water under the skin.

Most normal it is than we appreciate swelling in the eyes any more to rise to us of the bed, when we watched ourselves in the mirror and that with the passage of the minutes and hours that swelling is lowering. This is because during the night when maintaining the closed eyelids and the horizontal position of the head the passage of the blood is more difficult and is a more deficient irrigation in the zone appearing the even small inflammation, swelling and edemas by tear accumulation. But not only there is an inflammation by accumulation of liquids and fats, if not that also is a zone where some exhausted and toxinasde tend to be accumulated our organism that does not eliminate itself completely, for example water, salt, alcohol, etc.

One of the traditional formulas to make disappear the bags and ring under the eye consists of applying compressed of cold water in the inflamed region. This causes that the circulation is reactivated and mitigates the swelling. By all means they exist multitude of cosmetic remedies to fight ring under the eye and bags and even there is possibility of getting rid of them by means of aesthetic surgery when one is exaggerated cases already due at the age of the person.

Within which they would be homemade treatments and remedies to end the ring under the eye and the bags also are very popular aside from the previous thing to place a pair of slices of crude cucumber or marrow on the eyelids and the zone inflamed during minutes. You can even crush it until obtaining grazes and to apply directly in the affected zone. Besides the cucumber and the marrow, the apple also gives very good results applied in the same way, but in this case first it cooks the apple and later deal to cool.

Mainly one is an ugly problem, but the face is the mirror of the soul and it is always visible so too much people he is something that worries to him and it makes feel inferior to him because it thinks that it gives bad image to the others, it extinguishes his glance or it can seem somebody sickly one. My last advice are that you always try to take a healthy, low diet in salt, spices and spirits or exciting, you sleep as minimum eight hours to the day and maintain your always clean and hydrated skin.

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